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Seed Library

Note: Be sure to "return" your seeds as you prep your garden for fall and winter! The Seed Library will be available for "borrowing" next spring!

This special type of library allows people to share seeds! Have fun, learn a new hobby, help green your community, and share your love of gardening with others.

Get started by "borrowing" seed packets and get planting! At the end of the season, you can "return" what you've grown to help ensure our Seed Library blooms next year!

The following seeds are included in the Seed Library in the spring (please note seed selection may vary by branch):

  • Flowers (Annual, Wildflowers)
    • Kong Hybrid Sunflower
    • Royal Carpet Alyssum
    • Sorbet XP Citrus Mixed Hybrid Viola
    • Marvel II Mixed Marigold Hybrid (African)
    • Jubilee Gem Bachelor Buttons
    • Fairy Mixed Candytuft
    • Hummingbird Seed Mixture
  • Flowers (Perennials, Biennials)
    • Black Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta)
    • Grandiflora (Blanket Flower)
    • Purple Coneflower
    • Shasta Daisy
  • Herbs
    • Everleaf Emerald Tower Basil Hybrid
    • Organic Thyme
    • Garlic Chive
    • Sage
    • Oregano
    • Italian Plain Leaved Parsley
  • Vegetables
    • Celebrity Hybrid Tomato (Bush)
    • Sweetie Cherry Tomato
    • Big Beef Hybrid Tomato (Italian)
    • English Telegraph Cucumber
    • Marketmore Cucumber
    • Mercury Hybrid Cucumber
    • Encore Pepper Hybrid (Bell)
    • Jalapeno Pepper (Hot Chilli)
    • Little Purple Snow Pea
    • Sweet Spanish Utah Onion (Large Globe)
    • Dark Green Zucchini Organic Squash
    • Tendergreen Bush Bean
  • Vegetables (Heirloom)
    • Paris Island Lettuce (Romaine)
    • Grand Rapids Lettuce
    • Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach
    • Dwarf Curled Scotch Kale
    • Sugar Snap Pea (Edible Pod)
    • Chantenay Red Carrot
    • Early Scarlet Globe Radish (Summer)

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